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Yay or Neigh?: Pony Car Ornaments

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One of the ways that a fan can show their appreciation for My Little Pony is to get a pony car ornament like a window decal. They can range from something simple and subtle like a cutie mark on your gas cap, or you can go all out like me and get your favorite pony stuck to your window.  
Obviously your level of subtlety is up to your discretion, but the point remains the same.  
At least for me, I was excited to get one so other fans could have a happy surprise walking through the parking lot, but there is a danger in it. People have become more accepting, but you may want to avoid it depending on where you live.
In John DeLancie and Laurent Malaquais’s film “Bronies: the Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony,” a brony recounts how a group of men had damaged his car simply because of the fact that he had pony stickers on his windows:
“…On my back window I had a large Celestia and a large Luna and they were kneeling up together and forming an archway and it was just the coolest thing. [The men] hit it a few times smashing the window…”
While his experience is extremely atypical, people like that do exist in some places.
Window ornaments are very fun and cute despite that issue though, so it really is up to you. While Hasbro doesn’t make any official decals or stickers to put on your car, many sellers on eBay and Etsy have custom made ones that work very well. Use your best judgment when it comes to deciding, but I have to say that I really enjoy seeing a big smiling Fluttershy on my window when I leave for work every morning.  

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