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Yay or Neigh: Knock-Off Made Plushies

image1I’m sure you’ve all seen them. Plush toys of every single character from “Friendship is Magic” are sold all over the web. Hasbro has a lot of officially licensed ones that they and various third-party companies (like Aurora and 4th Dimension Entertainment) make and license under Hasbro.  They all are very nice and they definitely fill a market that people are willing to pay for. Fans everywhere want a big plush toy of their favorite pony.
Because of Hasbro’s lax copyright protection policy, many fans with artistic ability make and sell their own plush toys, and many of them are of much higher quality than the ones that Hasbro licenses. Fans like “White Dove Creations” on Deviant Art make and sell their own plush ponies for upwards of $300-$400, but its not only fans who make these nice plushies.
eBay is flooded with Chinese made MLP plush dolls, often referred to as “knock-off” plushies.  The unexpected thing is that they really are made very well and are still, in my opinion, way better than any of the Hasbro licensed plushes. They are easy to find, inexpensive in comparison to many products of equal quality from fans, and best of all they are adorable.
Now, like many products known as “knock-offs”, the implication is obvious. These are not in any way licensed by Hasbro. Any money you spend on these does not go to support the show’s creators or to Hasbro, but the same can really be said about all the fan made ones.
So, Yay or Neigh? Its up to you. On one hand, you get a very well made and inexpensive flush of your favorite pony and on the other, you’re supporting a knock-off of the original product. Instead, youre money goes to something that does zero to support the company the produces one of your favorite shows.

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