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Wow! Check Out These Personalized Officially-licensed My Little Pony Christmas Ornaments

hbo005_30e3de2b-b9e1-43ad-bc27-6a9c36c89d99Olmsted Falls, Ohio’s Personalized By Santa have launched a wonderful line of personalized officially-licensed My Little Pony holiday ornaments.

Now you can get beautiful Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash holiday ornaments for your tree in a variety of poses.  Each MLP Ornament comes to you in a do-it-yourself kit, or it can be hand-personalized by Personalized Santa’s staff.  If you choose for Personalize Santa to personalize your ornament, then their handwriting style will give your ornament a personal and unique touch.

Each ornament is made from a high-quality polyresin material and each features a ribbon loop that makes the Personalized Santa ornament ready-to-hang on your tree.

Check out the Personalized Santa MLP ornaments HERE.

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