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Woman Showcases Her $40,000 Dollar My Little Pony Collection on UK Website

Elaine Morris ProfileLast week The United Kingdom website Daily Mail published a story about 40-year-old resident of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Elaine Morris. Morris has been collecting everything My Little Pony since 2005. The Daily Mail site, with their story made a bit of a mockery of Morris with their headline that read:

People find it weird but my ponies give me pleasure’: Woman who has spent more than £20,000 on My Little Pony collection – and even shares her bedroom with them

Passing judgement on Morris passive aggressively in an attempt to get web traffic and stats instead of posting a legitimate story, the Daily Mail decided to make fun of her. We here at thought that we’d give her a proper notice.

Morris started seriously collecting Ponies after she first came across the vast amount of MLP collectibles on Ebay. As a fan of My Little Pony as a kid, Morris says that she has spent over $40,000 dollars on her massive Pony collection to date. They have their own room in her house and she spends about $400.00 dollars a month on her collection.

In the Daily Mail interview Morris says, “Brushing their hair is the same as stroking a cat, it’s therapeutic for me. My ponies don’t care what I look like or what clothes I wear, they don’t judge me.”

At age six Morris received her first My Little Pony toys for Christmas. Those first ponies were named ‘Butterscotch’ and ‘Blossom’.

Morris goes on to say, “A Lot of people find it weird that I still collect them, they think I should leave them for the kids, but if they give me pleasure why shouldn’t I have them?”

To see more photos of Elaine’s MLP collection please visit HERE:

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