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William Shatner, Captain Kirk, is now a brony. Yes, it’s a good day!


So, we’ve seen celebrities post on Twitter often about My Little Pony, or bronies, or other things connected to the My Little Pony universe. Outside of Miley Cyrus or that red-headed Weasley from the Harry Potter movies, we’ve never had such a bold exclamination of brony-dom that we had yesterday courtsey of Mr. William Shatner.

Best know for his role as “James T. Kirk” on the landmark and influential Star Trek series (1967-69), Shatner has been a presence in the pop culture zeitgeist for over fifty years now. And this makes sense, because Star Trek was the first example of geek pop culture, and without the show, we might not likely have ever had a comic con, a movie con, SDCC, a BronyCon or anything. The essence of Kirk and Star Trek has solicits troves of geeks to get together to discuss their favorite television series? We’re Bronies, but aren’t we all, in some shape or another, just geeks too?

It makes sense that Shatner would see the infinite wisdom of the Brony Culture and proclaim himself as part of the herd. Hell, maybe this could lead to him doing a voice on a future episode of the show? We have Weird Al, why can’t we have Shatner? Shatner is a god. Welcome William Shatner, it’s about damn time you got with us.

Live Long and Prosper Brony Amigo.

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