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Who The Heck Doesn’t Want A Rainbow Dash Yahtzee?

Rainbow Dash Yahtzee

Just the other day we here at were sitting around thinking about potential board games that could use a reboot via My Little Pony.  We thought that it would be pretty tasteless and gross if Hasbro was to allow for some sort of re-imagining of the classic board game Operation for example using any of our Ponies–but one that we considered was Yahtzee!  You can imagine how we all felt here at, when, lo and behold, when we discovered that a Rainbow Dash Yahtzee was about to be released in just a few months from now!

The My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Yahtzee Game will be released this August.   While we don’t have an official release date for the game, the website Entertainment Earth is already allowing a pre-order for it here.

Here’s the fun write-up that is used to describe the re-imagining of the classic dice-driven game:

“The magic of friendship meets the classic dice game, Yahtzee! The My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Yahtzee Game features a Rainbow Dash cup and custom dice! This My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-themed version of the popular dice game is fun for all, especially fans of the hit cartoon! For 2 or more players.”

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