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Where Do You Get All Those Wonderful Toys? The UK Always Gets The Best Pony Merch


Why United Kingdom?  Why!?   What is it about the United Kingdom that opens it up and affords it the opportunity to get exclusive Pony items not available in the US?   The same thing happens with concerts that happen in the UK as well.  

Some music groups don’t have a following in the States but they can sell out shows in the UK.   It’s crazy.

Now the UK gets this awesome My Little Pony Bath Set.

“Check out these super cute My Little Pony thermochromic bath figures with colour transformation. Put them in warm water to watch their hair magical change colour and their cutie mark appear. Figurines also make fun bathtime squirters. Each pack includes 3 different characters – there are 6 different characters to collect. “

I guess the good thing about this 3 Pony set is that you can order it and have it delivered to here in the United States.

This set is great because:

Watch the colour change in warm water
Cutie mark will appear
Styles may vary
Bath time fun
Suitable for 3 years +

You can pre-order this MLP Bath set over on Amazon UK here.

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