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When It Rains It Pours: More Life-Size Pony Madness


Apparently, April 2015 is the month in which everyone is either making a life size pony plushy or monstrous pony balloon figures.

So it should be of no surprise that someone on Deviant Art has made a life-size Princess Luna.

Yes, indeed.

“Double Backstitch Arts” aka Double J. BackStitch has created a truly inspiring Princess Luna plushy and here’s what he has to say about it:

” Ohmygosh I finally did it. I finished the Luna. She’s so big and pretty and makes me look short (which is hard to do ’cause I’m nearly 6ft tall too). She’s closer to 5ft tall without the mane and horn and such, but the total height is 6ft from the tip of her horn to the bottoms of her hooves. Her wingspan is 78 inches. She’s so heavy too, I want to say about 35+ pounds, including all that metal armor stuff. Biiiig girl.

Her eyes and cutie marks are applique with embroidered gradients for her irises, she has 3D eyelashes and hoof bottoms, and she’s made of minky and some sort of organza with shiny beads in it that I can’t hardly find anywhere. She’s got a zipper on her back and tail for de-stuffing, because she’s going to Australia and she’ll have to be un-stuffed to be shipped. Her regalia is crafted from layered tin, as it’s all I could get my hands on cost effectively otherwise it’d be steel, and it’s lined with soft blue fleece. Overall she’s has taken me months to get her done working on and off on her, and I want to say 160 hours would be a drastic underestimate for how many actual working hours were put into her. Also she comes with a little PVC stand because she can barely hold her head up, much less her body on her own. This is a commissioned plush for cutternut39

As always I welcome questions, constructive critique, and friendly advice in the comments! This is the first Luna I’ve made in nearing three years, and I’m hoping I’ve improved since then! Prices are not discussed in comments only by note, and I’m regretfully not open for commission for anypony of any size.”

Check out Double J. Backstitch’s Pony art HERE

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