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We Now Know What the First Five Episodes of Season 5 Will Be About

With the start of Season 5 right around the corner the information pertaining to the first five episodes of S5 has hit the interwebs.

In case you were curious, and don’t mind the idea of minor spoilers abound, here’s what the first five episodes of the season will be about:

Episode #1  (S05, E01)

Title:   Cutie Markless (Part 1)   Airdate: April 4th, 2015

What’s it about?

The Mane 6 arrive in a village to solve a friendship problem and find out that everyone in the village has given up their Cutie Marks.

Episode #2 (S05, E02)

Title:  Cutie Markless (Part 2)  Airdate:  April 4th, 2015

What’s it about?

The Mane 6 have their Cutie Marks taken and must find a way to get them back from the pony who took them.

Episode #3  (S05, E03)  

Title:  Castle Sweet Castle       Airdate:  April 11th, 2015

What’s it about?

The ponies try to make Princess Twilight’s castle feel more like home after finding out she’s been avoiding it.

Episode #4  (S05, E04)  

Title:  Bloom and Gloom           Airdate:  April 18th, 2015

What’s it about?

Apple Bloom has high anxiety over getting her Cutie Mark and it begins to turn her life into a nightmare.

Episode #5 (S05, E05) 

Title:  Tanks for the Memories      Airdate April 25th, 2015

What’s it about?

When Rainbow Dash realizes Tank must hibernate for winter, she decides the best solution is to keep winter from coming.

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