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Twilight Sparkle Plushies Go On Sale


If there’s something we all need, it’s more plushies. Because no matter how much you think you have you will always have the need and desire to buy more as they are constantly being released. The sources are almost endless and you can even pay other talented fans of the show to create a plushie of your own OC (original character). Because our beloved ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic can be so much more than ponies we dream were real, plushies bring our favorite ponies into your life and never cease to bring a smile to your face.

So in case you don’t already own a Twilight Sparkle plushie of your own, now seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. This Twilight Sparkle plushie, or cuddle pillow as the listing on amazon describes it, stands 20″ tall, which is a pretty great size for the price you pay, as long as you get it on sale of course. To give you a size comparison, a Build-A-Bear pony stands 15″, so you can see how the size differs. The plushie is at an 80% discount at the time being, so don’t miss your chance to cuddle up with your very own Twilight Sparkle plushie and order yours today!

The product description states:

This 20″ Twilight Sparkle is a smart and talented unicorn and she loves to learn new things and teach her friends too. Her cheery personality will definitely add some sparkle to playtime. Ages 3 and up.

You can’t go wrong with a great friend like Twilight Sparkle by your side, or even if she ends up spending time on your pony shelf, she’ll always be there.

You can order your own Twilight Sparkle plushie here.

There are many more plush ponies to collect out there, and at the rate they seem to be released, our pony shelves and collections won’t stop expanding for a good while now. Because nothing makes us feel like having ponies of our own than owning a soft pony to call your own.

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