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This Is The Coolest Piece Of My Little Pony Fan Art You Will See Today


You can spend hours on Deviant Art checking out all of the totally amazing My Little Pony fan art.    And we here at might have found the coolest piece of My Little Pony ever.

A Rainbow Dash Bass Guitar.

Created by “Phoenix0017” over 23 hours of non-stop work here’s what Phoenix did to make this creation:

So when I was designing it, I had a weekend to have it done to machine for a demonstration. I spent 23 hours straight, no sleep drawing up the design and programming the toolpaths to cut out the project. I was asked by my high school to hold a seminar and cut another guitar. This is my second, the other will be uploaded within a week of posting this!

There were a lot of time constraints when making this guitar but it was damn well worth the work I put into it! Despite that hurdle it turned out amazing! The design worked flawlessly and the final product is something I take a lot of pride in! Trust me, designing, programming, cutting, sanding, painting and finishing is a royal amount of work and I put my heart into every step! This counts for both guitars!

Neck and hardware are from a P Bass Kit.


Joint: Bolt On

Body: Spruce

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Scale Length: 864mm/34″

Frets: 20

Controls: 1V, 1T

Pickups: PB-H

Hardware: Chrome

Pickguard: 3-Ply (White top, Red center, Black bottom) Acrylic

Strings: DR NEON Multi-Color (45-65-85-105)

Check out Phoenix’s Deviant Art Page HERE:

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