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This Artist Has Created Some Amazing MLP Dresses

my_little_pony_sailor_pinkie_pie_cosplay_pinafore_by_darlingarmy-d8puv6lThe fandom is full of it’s many creative artists whether it’s wonderful drawings, paintings, plushies and more. The creations are infinite and they are all unique and amazing.

One of the many, many amazing artists out there is DarlingArmy from DeviantArt, and their dresses will leave you in awe and amazement. Their dresses span from anime related to super hero related. But the few that stuck out are their My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic related dresses.

Just a handful of the dresses that can be seen on their profile include a crossover of Pinkie Pie and Sailor Moon, a Fluttershy and Rarity Kimono dress, and a Derpy Hooves cosplay dress. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna Kimono dresses are also available. There are many more MLP dresses to choose from, and you could own your own!

DarlingArmy has a Goodsie store where you can browse and buy all their creative dresses and cosplay accessories.

You can shop at their Goodsie store here.

So whether you’re in need to cosplay, or just want to fashion up, you can’t go wrong with DarlingArmy and the many stylish dresses they have to offer, i’m positive there’s something there that’ll spark your interest.

You can stay up to date with DarlingArmy on their DeviantArt page here.

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