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The question everyone wants answered about Canterlot Boutique has finally been answered, but probably not.

Fans love to make theories about whatever it is that they are interested in. My personal favorite fan theory is that Ferris and Sloan aren’t real in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (No, I’m totally serious. Look it up). My Little Pony fans are no different.
For quite a while, there have been jokes and general theories about ponies and their inexplicable ability to hold onto things without any sort of opposable digits. Unicorns excluded, it really is sort of odd. People made suggestions and had their thoughts about possibilities, but no one had a definite answer; that is, until now.
In this last episode, “Canterlot Boutique”, one large thing stood out to me, and it wasn’t the giant greenish horse at the end. Near the beginning of the episode, Pinkie Pie comes to visit Rarity in her store and happens to have her mail.
Image 1You can see pretty clearly that Pinkie has taped the letter to her hand. Now, it seems, everyone can rest easy knowing how things work. That being said, it may more be a comment on how odd Pinkie Pie is than an actual definitive answer. I mean, no other ponies have been seen with things taped to their hooves.
The only question I have now is where she got the tape.

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