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The Most Incredible My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Guitar You’ll Ever See


We’ve posted photos about MLP-inspired musical instruments in the past here on, but we have never seen any quite like this before.

It’s a Rainbow Dash Stratocaster guitar or as its designer “engineermk2004” has dubbed on through his Deviant Art page and the guitar’s Ebay listing its the — “DashCaster”

Yes, you read correctly–the Dashcaster is currently up for auction on mega-site Ebay with 40% of the proceeds from the auction going to benefit the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.

The Dashcaster was hand craved from solid basswood and it has a maple neck and rosewood fret board integrated.   The amazing Rainbow Dash paint job was done with acrylic paint.

The auction on Ebay for the Dashcaster is scheduled to go until Sunday 8/23.   

The Shriner’s Children’s Hospital is a one-of-a-kind international health care system dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing specialty pediatric care, innovative research and outstanding teaching programs. Children up to the age of 18 with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate are eligible for admission and receive all care in a family-centered environment with no financial obligation to the patient or family.

You can bid on the Dashcaster over on Ebay here.

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