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The 35th Anniversary G1 My Little Pony Figure Set Is Really Awesome

It is truly difficult to believe that 35 years have passed since the unveiling of My Little Pony. While there are many bronies out there in the fandom that weren’t even born yet when My Little Pony launched on the world, we see nothing wrong with celebrating the roots of Pony fandom by showing these fun, new, My Little Pony 35th Anniversary figures created by Florida toy company, Basic Fun! some love.

Available at your local Target and in Canada, Indigo stores, this 35th Anniversary Unicorn & Pegasus Collection, features a wonderful, retro collection of the original ponies. If you have a massive collection already of FIM items, why not include some classic G1 Ponies into the mix?

Obviously, the Ponies have come a long way since 1983. While a pony is a pony, it’s fairly easy to see, based on these retro designs, just how much the Ponies have changed since they first were launched. While today’s FIM Ponies are more animation-looking, these classic G1 Ponies were designs to look more like traditional horses, with bigger, longer snouts and small, more anatomically-correct placement of their eyes on their eyes.

However, even though the visual design of the G1 Ponies is different from the Ponies of today, the one thing that has reminded the same, is their beautiful, flowing manes. And, as every pony knows, a cutie mark isn’t something that just appeared with FIM, it’s been around for these past 35th years.

And of course, there isn’t a G1 Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity…with the 35th Anniversary Collection you get Sunbeam, Moondancer, Glory, and, well, there is a Twilight too, naturally. Not to mention, down the line, an MLP:FIM collector looking to add vintage G1 Ponies into their collection, can also add in Skydancer and Parasol to boot!

If you love the Ponies, it seems to us, that you should love all the Ponies, and not just stick exclusively to the current variation on the classic My Little Pony figure in your collection.

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