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That Balloon Artist Genius Who Made That Big Rainbow Dash Is At It Again

It seems like over the last couple weeks we’ve seen an increase in crazy My Little Pony art, from “NoOrdinaryBalloonMan’s” amazing balloon design to, most recently, a Rainbow Dash bass guitar.

Well, if you hang out over on Deviant Art you’re sure to see all of the amazing Pony art as it is finished.

With that said, No Ordinary Balloon Man is at it again.  This time he’s taken it his balloon designs farther out into the stratosphere.

Check these out:


From No Ordinary Balloon Man:

“On Thanksgiving I was requested by one of my friends whom I was eating with to make a Gala version of Rainbow Dash for her boyfriend. I was more thank happy to do that and while it took 1 1/2 hours to complete (those cloud pieces gave me a hard time) I was happy with the end result. She is indeed an awesome pony even when she is dressing up for a Gala!”


From No Ordinary Balloon Man:

“Well I have been a big fan of the infamous My Little Pony series Pony.Mov for most of this year and now I have finally done it, I have made a balloon cosplay of the R Dash 5000 the robot version of Rainbow Dash after she is sawed in half! It took me around 17 hours to complete this one, and i gave it glowing eye and even flames coming out of the Jet Pack. This was a very fun cosplay to create and while I intend to create many more, sadly I will probably not be making more cosplays until January to recoup after doing two conventions in the same month. Although Chibi Pa was small, it was well worth it! And now…”CRUSH. KILL. DESTROY. SWAG.””


From No Ordinary Balloon Man:

“Featuring Party Favor, Double Diamond, Sugar Belle, Night Glider and Everyone’s favorite socialist Starlight Glimmer.

Created Entirely out of balloons! This took about 7 hours to make using several techniques in balloon twisting including double stuffing the balloons to create the best shade to represent Starlight Glimmers unique color. If you look closely you can see the cutie marks in balloon jars on the cart trailing behind Starlight Glimmer. I Hope everyone is as excited as I am about this new season! This is a small preview to what I will be making at the Grand Brony Gala in Tampa Florida this July. I will be creating an entire scene with even more ponies at a grander scale that you see here.”

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  1. Avatar
    April 21, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    This dude just can’t stop, can he?

    He really is no ordinary balloon man.