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Texas Artist Crafts MLP Casket for Young Brony Who Passes Away

10-27-2015 7-37-22 AMIt’s a painful thing when something of this nature happens to any family.   A young girl, 4-year-old Lilly Garcia, who passed away as a result of a road rage shooting in New Mexico was laid to rest in a special casket that was created for her and her family by a Texas artist named Trey Ganem, who donated his work.

According to a recent report on Albuquerque, New Mexico’s KRQE Ganem said, “What we do is create caskets that represent family’s loved ones. With doing that, we want to take their last memory in remembering the good things about their family.”

The casket, designed with the spirit of Rainbow Dash, was donated by Ganem to the Garcia family.

Ganem says, “You’re going to see beauty when you see this. You’re going to see that Lily was full of life, and now she’s in the clouds,” said Ganem. wishes to send love and positive vibes to the Garcia family in Texas.

For more on this story, a video, and additional interviews with artist Trey Ganem please visit here.

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