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The Bronyologists are at it again! As seen on Equestria Daily…..The Bronystudy project fronted by Dr. Psyche Ology is asking for your input again. Bronies are being ask for their help in completing a simple survey about the Brony community. One of the aims of the study is to make an attempt at measuring the rise or decline of  Brony fandom.

In this experiment, the Bronystudy recruited some non-Bronies and showed them various episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and then asked them a series of questions, how they would rate the episode on various dimensions and personality scales.

Now Bronystudy is looking for Bronies to finish the experiment. Bronystudy now needs the aid of Bronies (via the survey link below) to compare with the results from the Non-Brony community. The survey link below includes several questions that are designed to help Bronystudy better understand the “state of the herd.”   Bronies its our pony duty to help with this!

Please help us by completing the survey at

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