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Spoiler Time! What we can expect for the rest of Season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

BZiQN6VCQAEoVr2.png largeWe here at aren’t sure if you’ve been paying attention to The Hub Network Twitter feed but a couple days ago MLP Co-Executive Producer and show head writer, Meghan McCarthy popped on The Hub’s Twitter and shared a few upcoming highlights from the next twenty-six episodes of Season Four.

Of course, there are a few things that we have come to already know but there are also a few tidbits of info that may be new to some as well. We here at thought that we’d bring you this information just in case you missed out on it when it first hit Twitter two days ago.  


Amy Keating Rogers returns with a song that is more amazing then the Pinkie Pie ‘Smile Song’
Apples to the Core, the song shown at Comic Con, was written by new writer, Natasha Levinger
Daniel Ingram wrote and composed 16 songs
Episode 13 will feature a crazy Rarity performance, not sure how Tabitha made it through the recording
Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo episode coming
Discord will be getting his own musical number
Jim Miller is the new co-director
The Cutie Mark Crusaders will get their own song
New background pony (that Meghan loves) comes from Manehattan
Another pony that hasn’t sung before will be making their singing debut
New villains will be debuting that have some “serious issues”
Equestria Games are coming to the Crystal Empire
Even more pop culture references this season
Fan favorite pony gets an official name and lots of screen time
Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1 and 2 (Premiere) was locked in back in August 2012
Pinkie Pie goes through a lot in Season 4, you’ll love Andrea’s performance
Fashion Week episode featuring judge “Prim Hemline”
They’re doing something with the show they’ve never done before. The key is to watch the premiere.
The scripts for episodes 401/402 were locked in August… 2012!
What dreams may come? Luna knows 
Pinkie Pie goes through a lot in #MLPseason4 and @AndreaLibman will make you love her even more
We’re doing something we’ve never done before in #MLPseason4 The key to finding out what it is is to watch the big premiere tomorrow
Huge props to @goldenrusset for all his tireless work on #MLPseason4 The man is a genius! A genius I tells ya!

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