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[Spoiler] “Crusaders of the Lost Mark” drives character stories more than any previous episode


Last week on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” a lot of really interesting things were revealed. Fans have theories about a lot of these things, but now, we at least have closure on some.
Now, before we start talking about any of this stuff, I want to clarify that everything past here is a SPOILER, so if you’ve seen the episode already or you just don’t care, feel free to continue.
First off, let’s discuss the obvious one. The Cutie Mark Crusaders got their cutie marks! After 5 seasons, it’s finally happened! People’s guesses were not very far off. The great thing though is that not only do they have their own special talent designated (an apple for Apple Bloom,  a music note for Sweetie Belle, and a weird lightning bolt for Scootaloo) but they also had a one big thing in common.  There was a large shield in the background. It was really a great way to symbolize their friendship. While they each have their own talent, they all share a common goal.
The next big thing was that we finally got some character development for Diamond Tiara. Without getting into it, I’m just glad to finally see her mature and not be so one-dimensional.
The last, and probably more parroted thing was actually more of an offhand comment, but it’s more or less confirms a fan theory.  Many fans have inferred that the Apple family’s parents had died. In this latest episode Applejack praises Apple Bloom by saying “…if Mom and Dad were here, they’d be so proud of ya.”
Now while it doesn’t say anything definitive, it definitely adds some fuel to the fan theory fire.
Now, there’s plenty more, but I’m rambling too much.  Support the creators and buy the episode on (ITUNES)

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