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Someone has leaked a new episode of My Little Pony weeks before it is set to air online

my little pony season 5 episode 21 scaremaster
Coming off the hooves of Episode 15 “Rarity Investigates!,” comes an “accidental” release of an episode of Season 5 that isn’t supposed to air until Halloween 2105.   The episde is called “Scare Master” and yesterday or on the day before it magically appeared up on iTunes as well as on Amazon Prime Streaming Video, which, naturally, when these things happen they always go out everywhere including YouTube and Daily Motion.

Episode #21 aka Scare Master’s synopsis, according to is as follows:  “Fluttershy decides to face her fears and take part in Nightmare Night with her friends.”    

Bronies have been up in arms on the internet the last couple days talking about the episode as well as debating the positives and negatives of this episode, again, one, that is six ahead of where we should all be in the current season, having on the fandom as well as the numbers game that is involved with ratings over at Discovery Family.

Since the episode is circulating and fairly easy to see online as of today.    It can be watched now over at Daily Motion HERE and on the website Anime Flavor HERE.

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