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Sneak Peak: A Clip from this Saturday’s episode of My Little Pony

Have you recovered from the The Hub’s presentation of the Yule Log on Christmas?

A clip from this Saturday’s upcoming episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has hit the Entertainment Weekly website today.
Here’s the synopsis for this week’s episode:

Vampires! More specifically: Vampire fruitbats! And they’re taking over Applejack’s orchard, causing tension between the down-home pony — who’s prepared to do whatever it takes to protect her crop — and her pal Fluttershy, who can’t bear the thought of hurting any creature great or small. The ponies will also have to cope with an orchard that’s much spookier than usual — and shiny red apples that look almost too good to be true…

You can watch the clip HERE:

my little pony friendship is magic episode Careful, Fluttershy

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