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Share This With Other Ponies…Find the code on and win a DJ-Pon 3 figure

We chose a winner but they never got back to us….

We here at had 150 Bronies sign up to win this year’s 2013 San Diego Comic Con DJ-Pon 3 figure. We chose a winner. We emailed them but they didn’t get back to us with their mailing address. Two weeks passed and we chose another winner and emailed them. We never heard back from them.  So we chose a 3rd person by random on Facebook next.  We tagged them on Facebook even to claim their prize and they didn’t!  Now we have this amazing DJ-Pon 3 figure just sitting here collecting dust. You would think that if you signed up for the drawing to win her that you’d want to claim your prize?  Because none of the winners claimed her we’re giving Bronies one last chance to get her!  If you want a DJ-Pon 3 figure here is your chance!

We’ve hidden a code somewhere on the site.  The code could virtually be anywhere on the site. It’s a six digit code. And there may be more than one on the site.  The first Pony to find the right code and email it and their mailing address to Justin at will win themselves this 2013 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive DJ-Pon 3 figure below.   We only have this one DJ-Pon 3 figure!  So hurry and find the code today.


Last chance Bronies. If someone doesn’t find the code by the end of this week the DJ-Pon 3 figure will retire to our warehouse shelves.

May the Cutie Mark be with you. Find the code today!

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  1. Avatar
    October 9, 2013 at 10:05 am

    I emailed you the code the day this post went up. Did you check the spam folder? This makes me think though that your previous raffle winners on Facebook may well have gotten back to you as well, in which case they deserve her more.