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The Shake-Ups In Ponyville Release First Full Length My Little Pony inspired LP

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New Music LP:  The Shake-Ups In Ponyville “Mane Event” (2013)

The Shake-Ups In Ponyville [Patrick O’Connor, Bitsy Matatall, Mike Rittenhouse, and Steve Hinckley]  are back with some new Pony music. This time they bring to us Bronies a new LP called “Mane Event”. got a chance to listen to the album in it’s entirety and here’s what we thought:

Mane Event:  Track-By-Track Breakdown

01. Pinkie Vibrations: An homage in name only to the Beach Boy’s landmark “Good Vibrations”. A light and fun albeit pop power super charged love letter to Pinkie Pie, The Shake Ups in Ponyville sound more Juliana Hatfield or The Blake Babies than they probably should. Great Synth backdrops and a groovy guitar solo around the three minute mark make Pinkie Vibrations a rockin’ track.

02. 20% Cooler: A guitar lead that reminds one of the intro to Rick Springfield’s 1981 radio hit “Jessie’s Girl”, 20% Cooler kicks in and gets freaky about Rainbow Dash. A fun track with an addicting hook. Instrumental breakdown that doubles for the bridge of the song at the two minute mark makes 20% Cooler even cooler than The Shake Ups in Ponyville think it is.

03. Be My Fluttershy: Nice harmonies swell within a beautiful melody. Be My Fluttershy doesn’t set out to re-invent anything and it doesn’t need to either.

04. Our Little Timelord: 80’s Synth charged fun about Doctor Whooves and the T.A.R.D.I.S.

05. From The Future, Next Tuesday: Dance tune about Princess Twilight Sparkle. Fun and catchy tune that really shows off how great The Shake Ups In Ponyville are. Hook isn’t as potent as it needs to be though.

06. Invasion Of The Parasprites: Nice lead-in. Progressive chords that build to a fun explosion of power pop Pony bliss. A great track that reminds us how The Shake Ups have grown since their first Pony EP.

07. The Mysterious Mare Do Well: The power punk rocker of the album. If the late era Ramones sung about the Ponies this is likely what it would probably sound like.

08. Secret Crush:’s favorite song on the new Ponyville LP. So addicting. Instantly singable. “Rarity…Oh Rarity…Oh Could You Like Me?”  We’d love to hear “Spike” sing this on the show.

09. Pony Pets: Goofball Synth slapstick. Paints a charming picture of something strangely psychedelic in Equestria.

10. The Apple Song: The Ballad of Apple Jack would have been a better song title. Makes you want to high-step.

11. A Call To Hooves: You have my attention.

12. Wonderbolts Academy: The highlight of the LP. A well crafted fun rocking harmony driven power pop anthem. Patrick  O’Connor and Bitsy Matatall  really complement each other vocally. Great hooky guitar playing makes this track worth the cost of the album on its own.

13. Derpy For Princess: Ultra charming ode to Derpy Hooves. Great lyrics, great harmonies, great electric piano highlights Patrick O’Connor’s Derpy story.

14. Pink Butterflies: And the hits just keep coming!

15. Bronies Unite!: If ever there was a theme song needed for the Brony universe, this would be it! Great closer to the album. Makes you want to dance and hold hands with your friends just like you used to do when you were ten years old.

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    November 22, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    Thanks so much for the excellent review! As Dashie would say, you guys are “AWWWWEEEEESOMMMMEEEE!!!!”