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Season 5 Returns Tomorrow!

imagesMy Little Pony fans around the world rejoice this week in celebration of the return of one of their favorite shows. Season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic returns after a short mid season hiatus, this Saturday, September 12th at 11:30 AM on Discovery Family.
The premier episode itself, titled “Canterlot Boutique” sounds like it will be  very interesting as well. Take a look at Discovery Family’s description:
Rarity’s dream of owning a boutique in Canterlot has finally come true. Her new shop is an instant success, but it comes at a price Rarity isn’t sure she’s willing to pay.
Four Episodes in the second half of the season have been given titles already (Not including the new Equestria Girls movie), and all of them sound very interesting. Personally I like to avoid spoilers so even looking up the description for the newest episode felt odd. If you are interested though descriptions of each are available on Wikipedia and the MLP FIM Wiki.
The hiatus, while no one liked it, will hopefully serve a much greater purpose. The short break in the middle of the season might allow the much longer between season hiatus for next season to be much shorter. Making a show as great as this is a lot of work, and the creators need as much time as they can get. Maybe this means that once the season is sadly over, season 6 will be able to start as quickly as April, much like Season 5.
So, what do you think? Would you rather have all 26 episodes come right in a row and have a 6 month hiatus or do you like this supposed new format?

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