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Rapper Tekashi69 just got a $95K dollar My Little Pony necklace

NYC Rapper Tekashi69 best known for his extravagant and over-the-top, colorful fashion has
just unveiled a $95,000 dollar My Little Pony diamond chain necklace. Made by SHOP GLD in Miami,
Florida, the rapper ordered it several weeks back, but just earlier this week, requested the
MLP Gold Chain be ready for him to pick up immediately as so he could wear it in a new
music video shooting with singer Nicki Minaj.

The necklace, similarly-designed like that of a Generation One My Little Pony
features a pony head covered in bling with strands of human hair–dyed different colors–laced in for
effect, which his own hairdresser customized on request. The price of the Generation One My Little Pony
head pendant alone cost the rapper $45,000 dollars, according to source TMZ. The website also
claims that that the chain itself used to fashion the pony diamond head to his chest, was an additional
$50,000 dollars.

What fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic wouldn’t want one to wear to BronyCon? Well, the good news
is that there will be a limited run available to the public very soon; there will be a smaller version
of the Tekashi69 My Little Pony Diamond Generation One My Little Pony necklace available to bronies, but
it will not feature 6ix9ine’s hair stylized with colors for effect.

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