Rainbow Dash

Rainbow DashOf all the My Little Pony characters in Friendship is Magic, Rainbow Dash has arguably produced the biggest following. Her confidence, mischievousness, cutie mark, rainbow-colored mane and tail, and awe-inspiring loyalty make for a characters that has produced a countless collection of video tributes, fan art, fanfiction and merchandise.

Enter Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash makes her entrance in the very first episode of Friendship is Magic. Twilight Sparkle just finished over-indulging on pie (though not entirely by choice) when she notices that Rainbow Dash hasn’t been maintaining the cloud upkeep in Ponyville. She is subsequently tackled by Rainbow Dash who then douses her in rain (leaving her with frizzled hair). When Rainbow Dash’s cloud-clearing abilities are challenged by Twilight Sparkle, she proves she can clear the skies of clouds in 10 seconds, leaving both Twilight Sparkle and Spike in awe.

Rainbow Dash Tribute

Not surprisingly, Rainbow Dash has inspired countless videos, including this creative compilation tribute.

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