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Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie Chocolate Bars Available…Too Bad You Can’t Eat’em

rainbow dash artninja101 choclate bars etsy

Over on Deviant Art and Etsy, artist “ArtNinja101” has crafted a faux series of My Litle Pony: Friendship is Magic chocolate bars.    

Here’s the write-up for the chocolate bars:

“Hello everypony! You ready to party!? You will be once you get a bite of this! Presenting: Pinkie Pie’s Party Power Bar! Pinkie Pie #2  This one went surprisingly smooth! I think I’m finally starting to get the process down haha. I definitely had so much fun making this one. Hope you enjoy it too! ^^ The bar in the photo is made out of resin, but I could just as easily make it out of chocolate as well xD. I decided to use resin because #1 I can ship resin bars way more easily than chocolate ones, and #2 I just end up eating all the chocolate Pinkie pie (eat bad muffin) plz “

If you’d like to buy one of these prop My Little Pony chocolate bars please visit ArtNinja101’s Etsy site here.

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