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Questions for writer and director of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games


As we all know, the new Equestria Girls movie Friendship Games has finally come out for our viewing. It took patience and months of waiting but it’s all paid off. Upon the release, Equestria Girls: Friendship Games writer Josh Haber and director Ishi Rudell were interviewed and asked 26 questions, a question for each letter of the alphabet.

For C, the two were asked “Cutie mark you’d most like to have?”

Ishi: “Hmmm it would either be an image representing a ‘Jack of all trades’ or just a mish-mash of boxing gloves holding a paintbrush inside a heart inside an octagon… I doubt it would even fit on my flank.”

Josh: “A cross between the Shining Armor and Cheese Sandwich cutie marks because I respond to the protection/guard/shield thing, but also the wacky comedy thing. Like, “I will protect you with dumb jokes.”

Yeah, that pretty much sums me up.”
For D, the two were asked “Dream guest star for an MLP/Equestria Girl project?”
Ishi: “Christopher Walken, I think he would make an amazing Star Swirl the Bearded!”
Josh: “It kinda already happened and that’s all I’m allowed to say.”
It seems Ishi Rudell already has her mind set on who she wants to see on the show, and does her answer hint towards future character appearances? Josh on the other hand states his dream actor has ALREADY starred, is it
Weird Al Yankovic? Or an actor we hadn’t noticed?

You can check out the full interview and questions here.

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