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Princess Twilight Sparkle Plushie Pre-Order


There’s nothing cuter (and softer) than a well made pony plushie. This plush of Princess Twilight Sparkle stands 10.5″ tall and has the option for open or closed wings. If you want something done right, leave it to the fans. The detail is amazing for a plush and resembles Princess Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic spot on.

The Plushie was scheduled to release summer of 2015, but due to unknown reasons it’s still in pre-order. When it will be released is unknown but The creator is keeping that updated here:

The description of the plushie reads:

“Twilight Sparkle is back with her set of spiffy alicorn wings. Ready to continue her studies as a faithful student of Celestia while now taking on the responsibilities of a fellow pony princess, Twilight will be even more high-strung than ever! However, she’s still very much looking forward to making a new friend in a new castle!”

This plushie sells for $24.99 and it seems like a valuable price for the size and detail.

You can pre-order your very own Princess Twilight Sparkle plushie here:

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