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Postit Pony Drops by Equestria LA

PostitPony photo

The Postit Pony, an anonymous pony artist that posts little sticky notes around pony conventions made waves at this year’s Equestria LA convention in Anaheim, California. Fans found his (or her) art posted around the Hilton during the weekend, many of whom posted photographs of the post-its all over the internet, twitter especially.
The fun started as soon as the weekend event got off the ground, early Friday morning. “My Little Ties” found a piece on their sign in the vendor room that same day:


Several other vendors found a bunch of the sticky notes all over their booths throughout the weekend as well, and many other places around the convention. Post-Its were found all over the walls and windows, and at one point a large piece of artwork was posted on the main rotating door outside.


It’s really nice to see such a talented artist in the fandom putting up little pieces of art all over the place, simply giving them away and doing it just for the fun of it. Its reminiscent of street artists like Banksy , Shepard Fairey, or Invader, in that it is anonymously posted for fun, but in its own way, it’s better, because cries of “vandalism” are slim in that the art can be so easily removed.

It’s really great the kind of fun that My Little Pony fans can have with such a simple act. Keep doing what you’re doing Postit pony

You can follow the Postit Pony on twitter at @postitpony

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