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Pony Two-Fer DVD Gets Release On October 6th, 2015

91XKD3wcC0L._SY445_Shout! Factory has announced that they’ll be releasing a special two-fer DVD this October 6th that will feature three episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and three episodes from Littlest Pet Shop.

The episodes slated to be included on the DVD associated with My Little Pony include: “Hearth’s Warming Eve,” “Tanks For The Memories,” and “Party Pooped”.

Here’s the synopsis that Shout! Factor is using to promote the upcoming Title:

“Winter vacation is a magical event, especially if you live in Equestria or are friends with a girl who can talk to animals! Join your favorite ponies and pets and all of their friends for an amazing collection of six wintery fun adventures!”

Bonus Features scheduled for the DVD release include a live stage reading of “Heart’s Warming Eve” — which should be amazing to see, and then, of course, the usual sing-a-longs.

You can Pre-Order the DVD over on the Shout! Factory website here or, as always, on

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