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More Pony Comics Available Today

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #27 comic IDW Brony.comAs we apologized yesterday for not giving the recent spree of My Little Pony comics enough coverage on–today marks the release of yet, another, MLP Comic book.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #27 features Timberwolves that invade Ponyville–but they’re just the start of the trouble for our ponies as other creatures come out of the depths of Everfee Forest as well. Inquiring minds should ask: What could be causing all of this trouble and how can it be fixed?

As with any comic in this MLP series–IDW has graciously produced several variant covers for #27. Cover A features the art of Andy Price, Cover B features the work of Tony Fleecs, the Hot Topic exclusive cover art was also done by Tony Fleecs, and the 2015 Pony Con edition will also feature the work of Tony Fleecs. Boy, that Tony Fleecs sure is busy,isn’t he?

You can order the digital version online over at iTunes or you can find it at your local comic book retailer.

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