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Planning on booking a spot at Equestria LA? Act Fast!


Sunday evening, the official Equestria LA twitter page posted that they are losing venue capacity!

Equestria LA is not a con to miss this year with all the special guests and events happening in such an eventful 3 days. There s no doubt that Equestria LA is the place to be!

For those who didn’t know, Equestria LA is jam packing a whole bunch of excitement into its 3 days of operation, September 4-6 to be exact. The con with host an event for guests to meet the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Lauren Faust. With this being such a big event, it takes a lot of attention off another big event happening with another member o the My Little Pony family. Equestria LA is hosting ‘An Evening with Discord’ giving the guests a chance to enjoy poetry, discussion and a bit of chaos with Discord’s voice actor John De Lancie! Equestria LA offers many more fun events all of which are a must to attend.

There’s no doubt this experience is one that has yet to be faced by other pony cons this year. Missing Equestria LA this year would be something to regret, but just remember that it’s still not too late to reserve your spot among the

But you can only experience this bundle of excitement if you attend this years Equestria LA on September 4-6. So with the venue’s capacity at 90% now is the time to book your spot before all spots are full. You want to act fast because with plans like these who won’t be there?

So make your way to to register your spot today!

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