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Pancake Shop in Tokyo Does a My Little Pony Themed Makeover

Japan is known for its specialty cafés and shops. From the well-known “cat cafés” where people visit to spend time with some kitties during lunch, to shops that allows patrons to pay and take a nap inside, there’s a lot to choose from. It’s no surprise that the first My Little Pony themed restaurant came to be in Tokyo.
A café in the Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan; known as “Pancake Jam” has put together a temporary makeover for their shop. The café is filled with various pony merchandise and décor of all generations and a lot pony themed food.  This café sounds like it’s a pretty cool place.
Along with the décor, the menu has a theme to it as well. All of the shops food remains, but it has been given a twist. The most delicious looking dish is their “Marshmallows Banana Chocolate Pancakes” (pictured above), but many more similar dishes fill the menu.
The café will only be set up like this until November 29th, so if you want to check it out, you’d better hurry over. If only it were permanent and/or existed in other parts of the word.

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