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Opinion: Leaked Episode of My Little Pony Bites Back

img-1766504-1-rarity___it_is_on__by_theflutterknight-d4mi506As many of you remember, this last weekend’s episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was leaked by iTunes about a month early. Because of that, many fans rushed to see the episode as soon as they could. Now,  their choice comes with a small price. 

MLP fans love their show, and will take an opportunity to see more of it. What that means in the current situation is that in their excitement to see the leaked episode they lose some of its intended enjoyment. A new Halloween episode on Halloween feels pretty good, but that’s beside the point. 

 This eagerness many fans had led to an unintended new episode hiatus for them. Fans who couldn’t wait to see the leaked episode, now have to deal with no new episodes for 2 weeks. It’s obvious really, but it’s not something one would consider at the time.  

 In the course of the show’s story it kind of makes more sense if you put the leaked episode when it was leaked. For example, last week’s episode was about hearth’s warming eve, and this one was about nightmare night.  

 While we don’t really know if Equestria follows a similar calendar as earth, it seems odd.

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