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One Brony on Twitter and His Special BronyCon 2019 Project

For any pony out there who might be interested in learning about or helping special fan-inspired projects get off the ground, when they need it the most, you should check out what Eric C is up to for Brony Con 2019. A 17-year-old brony, Eric joined the MLP fandom kind of late—in fact, after the movie came out—he had been introduced to the show through a friend. Brony-Con 2018 was his first Brony-Con and before he had joined the fandom he “had this feeling of depression, like, “ he “was missing something in his life.” Discovering the show and going to Brony Con 2018 and meeting fellow bronies gave him “so much joy and happiness.” It was all because he had found a community that he could be happy being involved in, he could be part of the MLP fandom.

To show everyone how much Brony Con means to him, as a graphic designer, he had the idea to create a special video for the “staff and department heads of Brony Con to show them how much” bronies appreciate all the hard work and dedicate that they’ve given the Con in Baltimore. But Eric needs your help to get this project off the ground; “to bring this project to life…I need clips or pictures of your best moments at BronyCon. Any moment that has made your time at BronyCon special” can be submitted. Eric is asking that those who’d like to help his project, “donate no more than three clips or pictures, and that any clips be at least 10 seconds long but no longer than one minute.”

For more information about Eric or to learn how you can help his project get off the ground, please visit his Twitter account to get in touch with him here.

The show and the Brony fandom are important to Eric because, as he writes:

When I watch the show, I love seeing how much the story advances and the animations that come with it. And, the fanmade works from the brony fandom makes me feel complete. Joining the fandom was a big highlight in my life and going to BronyCon 2018, my first convention, added so much to that.  Meeting so many people and seeing the faces of the fandom that I look up to was the best thing that has ever happened to me. In short, the show, the fandom, and BronyCon has helped me become a better person and has helped me find happiness.

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