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OMG: Check Out The Ultimate MLP Birthday Cake

OMG: Check out the ultimate MLP Birthday Cake…

If you’ve ever wondered what any of the ponies would taste like: a bakery in Gardena, California called “The Butter End,” just featured on a recent episode of The Food Network series, Ridiculous Cakes has put together a 6-tier, “pony pole”, Mane 6 My Little Pony cake.

The show, Ridiculous Cakes, had its premiere on the Food Network this past Monday 7/30 at 10:00 pm EST.

The cake, which features all of the Mane 6 ponies heads stacked on top of one another features each pony, their eyes and hair are made out of fondant and edible glitter. Rainbow Dash is on the bottom, of course, and at the top: Applejack with a hat for added effect.

Watch the cake artists at The Butter End create this one-of-a-kind MLP cake via a video posted by The Food Network on Facebook here:

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