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Now You Too Can Have A Life-Size Rainbow Dash

lifesize_rainbow_dash_custom_plush_by_nazegoreng-d8pes0hIf you’ve ever wanted a life size My Little Pony plush–here’s your chance.

 “Nazegoreng” a user on Deviant Art has just created an incredible  forty-two inch tall figure or Rainbow Dash.     According to her page here her Dashy cost her about $1000 dollars in materials.      Constructed her figures with a PVC Skeleton Nazegoreng has generously offered to make life-size Pony figures for those who are willing to fork out the costs.

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  1. broniefluttershy
    April 16, 2015 at 7:40 pm

    What the Heck i want it but 1000 dollers is expensive

  2. April 21, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    Hold on. Let me just find another 800 bucks.

  3. Ok
    March 18, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    I’d like to buy it