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New My Little Pony chapter book in the works

67eIn the wake of the release of another My Little Pony chapter book by G.M. Berrow, some news revealed itself via Hachette Book Group, the publishing house for all these books. Almost immediately after the release of Berrow’s Luna “Princess Collection” book, something interesting showed up on Hachette’s website.

 Starlight Glimmer, if you remember, was the main antagonist in the season premier episodes for season 5. She was the leader of a village whose main goal ended up being to solely increase her power by way of taking all its inhabitants cutie marks. Well, now it seems a new chapter book centering around her in in the works.

 No exact date for release has been stated, no title has been chosen (right now it is titled simply “My Little Pony: Untitled Starlight Glimmer”), and a very vague description states very little about the contents of the story:

 “A(n) original My Little Pony chapter book featuring one of Twilight Sparkle’s most notorious pupils”

 Sounds like it will be fun, but it will probably be a while before we hear any more information. The book is expected to be released sometime next year.

 Not much information has been revealed but you can check out Hachette Book Group’s page about it here.

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