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New Dating Website Launches For Bronies

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Jonathan, founder of talks with us here at Brony about the new dating website for Bronies….

BRONY.COM:  Why a Brony dating site? What was the inspiration behind developing the new site? 

JONATHAN: First of all thank you for taking the time to interview us. was created with the idea that as fans of the My Little Pony show, we all share something in common. We are a open and accepting community, where we believe many friendships and relationships can easily thrive. We wanted to create a platform where we could facilitate and encourage those relationships to grow.

We all know how awkward it can be to meet people online, so why not give you a great head start by already knowing that the person you are contacting shares something in common with you. It not only establishes a initial connection to the other person, it also makes it that much easier to write that first message when you already have something to talk about.

BRONY.COM:   What does being a Brony mean to you?

JONATHAN:  Being a Brony is so much more then just being a fan of the My Little Pony show. It means you are accepting of all people around you, embracing diversity, as opposed to opposing it. It means cherishing friendship. It means encouraging charity.

BRONY.COM:  What are your thoughts on how the mass media portrays Bronies?

JONATHAN:  As businesses, mass media outlets seek stories that attract large audiences. It is in their interest to create ‘shock value’. This is clearly reflected in the way that they have portrayed the fandom.  As such, much of the coverage has been lopsided and unfair to the community.

BRONY.COM:   Who’s your favorite Pony and why?

JONATHAN:  I love Rainbow Dash. Besides representing loyalty, she is compassionate and mischievous, and so funny. She also loves to read which I also enjoy, and I think this is an important message. Not to mention, she has some serious swagger with those shades!

BRONY.COM:   With the dating site, do you plan on traveling around to the various Brony conventions to promote it and how do you think that the site will improve the Brony community?

JONATHAN:  We would love to travel to conventions to promote our site! However, at this time we do not have any plans to do so. The cost of travel is high, and we are working full time jobs so it is difficult to get away for any extended length of time. Perhaps in the near future we will be fortunate enough to do so.

We hope that the site will improve the Brony community by creating long lasting relationships between our members. By creating bonds between our users, it will bring the community closer together. We want to create a community where users not only have fun but also feel safe and accepted.

BRONY.COM:  For people that haven’t checked out the site yet, what sets the dating site apart from your typical dating site?

JONATHAN:  The very first thing that sets us apart is the great people that are already on the site that you won’t find elsewhere.

As far as features go, we offer instant messaging directly on the website, we allow users to create albums of themselves and their art, you can view your profile visitors and use advanced search to find users by such specifications as their favorite pony!  Please note that the website is still currently in Beta, so not all features will be available right away.

BRONY.COM:  Bronies are all ages, races and creeds. What steps have your taken to insure that the Brony dating site is safe and non judgmental?  Is there a screening process in place that prevents people who don’t have other Bronies interests at heart from staying off of it?

JONATHAN:  We have a team of moderators reviewing the website to assure all trolls, and other unwelcome users stay off. We have also created a reporting system which allows other members to report users for activities that are not allowed on the site. If you see something, please report it to us.  You will see ‘report’ buttons scattered throughout the site. Please remember that although we do not allow any adult content or art, as a dating site, all our users must still be 18 and older.

We have also recently added a approval process for pictures uploaded to the site. All pictures will be screened prior to appearing on the website. Although this is an inconvenience, and it may take up to 24 hours for photos to appear on the site, we believe it is important for the health of the community.

BRONY.COM:   Any expectations for the upcoming Season 4 of the show?

JONATHAN:  Quite a few actually, but I can never resist reading the spoilers online so I will stop right there.

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  1. Avatar
    October 16, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    When will the site be up?

  2. Avatar
    Marco Tagliabue
    November 16, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    Well…that’s quite true, they offer instant messaging directly on the website IF you pay for it