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My Little Pony super-fan becomes chair of Equestria LA Pony Convention

Cayci Suitt Robold Equestria LA

When Cayci Suitt Robold got her first Pony figure when she was a kid she couldn’t have possibly thought that some 30 years later she’d be heading up on the largest My Little Pony fan conventions in the United States.

But that’s what happened in 2015 when the chairperson of Equestria LA stepped down.   Getting her start in Equestria LA as a volunteer back in 2013, Robold worked her way up the ranks, serving firstly, as a vice-chair, and now head of Equestria LA.

Robold’s collection of Pony figures is approaching the 2000 mark, which would put her right up there near the top with the volume of Ponies in some collections stretching all the way across to England.

In a recent interview Robold said, ” I now have over 1,750 My Little Ponies across all four generations, as well as hundreds of other related accessories….I store the majority of the collection in one room in my home: The Pony Room.”

Robold has been smart about collecting Pony figures as well.  She’s gone out of her way to amass her collection; taking in Pony figures from different countries has allowed her to grow her collection at a great speed and afford her to be able to grab up Pony figures that aren’t available in the States.   

In fact, she’s so passionate about Pony Collecting that she also heads up the My Little Pony Collector Facebook group too.   Please visit the Equestria LA website here.

[Source: The Friday Flyer]

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