My Little Pony Hoodies

My Little Pony Hoodies

My Little Pony Hoodies

My Little Pony has been adored and cherished by many for years. Now Equestria has swept across the globe, and broken stereotypes with its passionate and diverse fan base. What was once a brand name beloved by little girls is now a popular series watched by adults and children alike, males and females equally crazy about their favorite little ponies. Now you can show off your pony pride while staying nice and warm in some of these fashionable and trendy My Little Pony hoodies.

Each of your favorite ponies has their own hoodie. Check out the selections below and find your perfect fit!

Fluttershy Hoodies

Any Fluttershy fan can stay warm in style with sizes available for men, juniors, and kids. Complete with zipper, cutie mark, and even Fluttershy’s pink mane down the back, these yellow cotton and polyester hoodies are perfect for fans to show of their love for their favorite yellow pony.

Twilight Sparkle Hoodies

The adorable, officially licensed My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle hoodie is the perfect choice for any little fan who dreams of galloping off into Equestria. The pink sweatshirt includes a full hood with mane, making it perfect not just for staying warm (and looking adorable) during the coldest months, but also works perfectly as a costume, ready to transform any child into a little pegasus.

Rainbow Dash Hoodies

The officially licensed Rainbow Dash hoodie is a must have for any My Little Pony fan. Complete with her signature rainbow mane, wings and insignia on display, this hoodie is a perfect way to show off your love of one of the most beloved ponies. Available for men, juniors and children, it’s the perfect addition (or start!) to any fan’s collection.

Pinkie Pie Hoodie

If you’re a strong believer that Friendship is Magic, you’ll definitely want to sport the officially licensed Pinkie Pie hoodie. Available for men, juniors and children, this adorable pink hoodie is perfect for any MLP lover. Flaunt your love for Pinkie Pie and her fellow ponies in this zippered hoodie that proudly bears Pinkie’s cutie mark on the chest, and is topped with her signature wild pink mane!

My Little Pony Hoodie Selection

The large selection of MLP hoodies here at means a guaranteed fit for all MLP fans.