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My Little Pony Fandom Showcases it’s Dedication Once Again

On Saturday, a new episode came out and it further developed several characters we had only caught short glimpses of originally: the Pie family. Igneous Rock, Cloudy Quartz, and Marble and Limestone Pie were originally all seen in a flashback with Pinkie Pie much earlier in the series, and they were all much younger then. About a year ago, Hasbro confirmed their actual canonical names but that was all we heard.

It’s honestly great that we can learn more about there characters, and it has given a chance for the greatest fandom on the Internet to once again prove how awesome it is.

Image 1

A Deviant Art user by the name of  “SirDragonLance” posted this image of a plush they made on Sunday night. About 30 hours after the episode aired this user had planned, and then built a complete Marble Pie plushie. This is no small task, and it probably took up the entirety of their day. Not only that, but based on the image, the quality is amazing, and includes fully embroidered eyes and cutie mark.

It really is amazing how dedicated fans are.

For more information about SirDragonLance or the plushie, visit the original Deviant Art post here.

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