My Little Pony Costumes

My Little Pony Costumes

My Little Pony Costumes

Greetings, everypony! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an international sensation in its fourth season with a fifth season scheduled in 2015. We’re here to provide you with all the threads of your favorite Equestrian heroines for your everyday Brony needs whether you’re headed to the Grand Galloping Gala or just dressing up for Halloween (whether you need an adult halloween costume or something to go trick or treating in).  Our MLP costume selection is perfect for the occasion!

MLP Costume Wigs

The perfect accent to your Brony ensemble or just for giggles, these gorgeous manes will put the blaze back in your whinny! Each wig is made from synthetic hair to match your favorite pony with a single size designed to fit almost everypony.    Options include magic, cupcake, loyalty, prince. and princess.

MLP Rainbow Dash Face Kids’ Sky Blue Costume Hoodie Sweatshirt with Mane, Wings and Tail

This adorable sweatshirt comes with all the accessories needed to make your child the coolest pegasus in Equestria. The cotton-poly blend ensures comfort as well as ease to clean for all your little one’s adventures.

MLP Rainbow Dash Face Juniors’ Sky Blue Costume Hoodie with Mane and Wings

With the signature mane, this hoodie is guaranteed to make your teenage brony twenty percent cooler, yet also warmer during the colder months. You can’t say no to this face!

MLP Rainbow Dash Cutie Mens’ Sky Blue Costume Hoodie Sweatshirt

A must-have for any dedicated brony, this hooded sweatshirt proudly displays Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark, even on the zipper! This item provides extra warmth when you’re flying at top speed.

MLP Fluttershy Cutie Mens’ Yellow Costume Hoodie Sweatshirt

Perhaps you’re a little quieter and prefer the company of animals? This hoodie will protect you from the winter chill with Fluttershy’s cutie mark while you chat up your forest friends.  This is also perfect as a men’s costume.  Show everyone what a stallion a Brony can actually be!

MLP Pinkie Pie Face Juniors’ Pink Costume Hoodie with Mane

Show everypony that you’re ready to party no matter what the temperature is outside with this super awesome Pinkie Pie hoodie. With the signature pink mane, this hoodie is sure to provide everyone with the element of laughter.

MLP Rainbow Dash Blue Girls’ Costume Hoodie Sweatshirt

This feminine-fit costume hoodie is a necessity for any Equestria Girl. Boast of your superior My Little Pony merchandise with this comfortable cotton blend and colorful rainbow sleeves!  The perfect girl’s costume, this colorful hoodie will stand out in any crowd, including a BronyCon!

MLP Applejack Face Juniors’ Orange Costume Hoodie with Mane

Cotton comfort and fall colors make this hoodie sure to be the apple of anypony’s eye. Show off your love of My Little Pony with the face of Equestria’s most honest and hardworking pony.  The perfect My Little Pny costume for the young Brony, Applejack’s face is sure to attract attention!

MLP Rarity Face Juniors’ White Costume Hoodie with Mane & Horn

This unicorn hoodie appeals to every teen brony’s sense of class and style. With the coiffeur and horn as the perfect accessories, this item is a rarity and essential for anypony’s polished ensemble.

MLP Fluttershy Pegasus Face Juniors’ Butter Yellow Costume Hoodie with Mane and Wings

In beautiful butter yellow, this hoodie will enchant Fluttershy fans everywhere. With mane and wings attached, the hoodie is ready for costume wear or just to keep you warm all year round.  The vibrant yellow and adorable Flutteshy eyes make for a perfect My Little Pony costume, especially during colder months!