My Little Pony Clothes

MLP clothing

The Growing Demand for MLP Clothes

With a surge in popularity with the television show My Little Pony, there has also been an increased demand for My Little Pony Clothing. There are many different types of My Little Pony clothes/apparel, ranging from children to adult sizes and clothing to accessories. Below there will be a description of available My Little Pony adult t shirts, children’s shirts, hats and accessories, hoodies, and pajamas on

My Little Pony Adult T Shirts

Adult My Little Pony t shirts range largely in color, sizes, and prices. The graphic t shirts also feature a wide range of characters from the television show. Sizes range from small to XXX large. The prices range from $17.95 to $21.95. The most popular colors are black, purple, blue, white, and gray.

My Little Pony Children’s Shirts

This category includes both junior’s and kid’s clothing. The t shirts in this category are much more colorful than the adult shirts. There are lots of bright yellow, purple, pink, and blue shirts. These shirts seemed to be aimed towards little girls rather than little boys. The sizing is a bit more limited. Most t shirts are either sized in girl sizes or toddler sizes. Prices range from $15.95 to $24.95.

My Little Pony Hats And Accessories

Much like the children’s shirts, the hats and accessories seem to be more geared towards little girls, but there are a few items that are specifically for males, such as boxers. There’s all sorts of things, like underwear, jewelry, socks, ear phones, Christmas ornaments, stickers, robes, bags, and wrist bands. Most of them are very colorful. The price range is from $2 to $60.

My Little Pony Hoodies

These hoodies are clearly for everybody! The models range from little girls to adult men. Most of the hoodies are very colorful, following the theme of yellow, pink, blue, and purple. Prices run higher than the other categories, ranging from $39.95 to $54.99. The price gets higher the bigger they get, so a toddler’s hoodie is cheaper than an adult’s hoodie.

My Little Pony Pajamas

There aren’t many options for My Little Pony pajamas. One is a one piece, hooded pajama. It’s for adults and comes in one size. It’s blue and when worn with the hoodie on, you can see a full pony. It costs $49.99. It looks very soft and comfortable!

Overall, there is a wide range of clothing available on There’s something for everyone: adults, children, people with tights budgets or not budget, and large and small people.

My Little Pony Clothes

Between the success of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, successful spin-offs like My Little Pony: Equestria Girls  and the growing Brony phenomenon, the rising demand for My Little Pony clothes should come as no surprise.   Whether it’s adult or children’s T shirts, girls rainbow rocks, hoodies or pajamas, the selection of MLP clothes here at won’t disappoint.  These also make perfect gifts.  So if you’re shopping for a special someone, rest assured they’ll be more excited to receive some magical MLP apparel.