My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas

My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas
“My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is one of those rare cartoons that transcends age and gender barriers. Thanks to the show’s popularity, it’s easy to find MLP party favors, costumes and professionally decorated cakes almost anywhere, but a trip to the craft store is all you really need to throw a birthday bash that would make Pinkie Pie jealous.

My Little Pony Party Preparation

Hosting a theme party starts with sending an invitation that will make people want to come galloping. You can make up a cute rhyme or write them in the voice of one of the characters. Pony language has it’s own special nuances; for example, instead of “Everyone is welcome,” the characters in MLP would say “Everypony is welcome,” so consult an MLP expert to pen the perfect pony invite.

Pony Cosplay

You can’t throw a proper pony party without looking the part, so the first thing folks should do when they come trotting in is start making their own pony costume. Have pictures of the characters on hand for reference, but encourage attendees to make up their own pony persona if they’d like. Ears and tails are the most important features, and they can be easily crafted out of stiffened felt and colored yarn respectively. Unicorn horns are a breeze to make out of construction paper and can be held in place by a headband or elastic string, and you can cut pegasus wings out of the stiffened felt and attach them to clothes using fabric tape. Don’t forget your cutie mark! You can cut designs out of felt or just get a bunch of stickers or temporary tattoos and let your little fillies pick out the one that best suits their personality.

Pony Games

The show’s main characters have a variety of distinct personalities, so if you choose activities catered to each specific pony, you’re bound to come up with games that will please everyone. Rarity is a fashion designer, so dust off your Bedazzler and set up a jewelry making station. Fluttershy likes quiet and cute critters, so why not play animal charades? Bobbing for apples is the obvious activity to represent Applejack. Pinkie Pie likes to bake sweets, so a cupcake decorating corner is definitely in order. Finishing with a Rainbow Dash relay race is a perfect way to burn off all that sugar.

Pony Treats

What kind of treats do ponies like to eat? Haystacks, of course! Grab a can of chow mein noodles and a bag of butterscotch chips to make easy candy that requires no baking. If you’re really ambitious and artistically inclined, you can try making a paper mâché pony pinata and fill it with mixed goodies, or you can buy one pre-made from Amazon. This may also be an ideal opportunity to trick kids into eating veggies. After all, that’s what ponies like best!

Birthday Party Ideas for Bronies

My Little Pony parties are not all child’s play. A brony is a male MLP fan of any age, and there are so many of them that cities around the globe host brony conventions throughout the year. If you’re planning a birthday bro-down Ponyville style, you can kick things up to the next level with a magic show from Twilight Sparkle. Dress up a local magician or teach yourself some tricks to wow your brony comrades. After the show, you can share with the other bronies how to perform the tricks so they can spread the magic at future pony parties, of which there will certainly be many.

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