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My Little Pony and Movie Parody Art in Harmony

My Little Pony fans are a diverse bunch. Fans range from middle school age to well into their 50s and up. With such a variety of people, it’s easy to see that we all have different experiences and frames of reference about pop culture, but there’s one thing that everyone shares.

Movies have been a part of the zeitgeist since their inception, and parodies really piggy backed quite nicely.

My Little Pony is no stranger to these parodies, and  as such, has been the subject of many.  With Back to the Future day upon us, my interest on such parodies was piqued.


After finding this interesting, and pretty hilariously “punny” piece, I decided to look further. While so many more exist, I thought, another clever pun based on another popular movie, that I’m sure many bronies are very excited for as well, would be the best to share.


Pretty funny I think. The great thing about this fandom’s vastness is that if you want to see any sort of parody involving ponies, it’s not going to be hard to find.

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