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My Little Pony and Build-A-Bear Have Teamed Up And They Want You To Help Them!

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With the success of the recently released Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie My Little Pony Build-A-Bear’s the makers of the popular teddy bear line are looking for the help of us Bronies! They’d like to know what we’d like to see next from them.

Some of the questions being asked in the survey:

What is your favorite pony?

What characters would you like to see Build-A-Bear make next?

Have you bought the recently released Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie Build-A-Bears?

We here at think it’s pretty cool that the company is talking the time to ask us fans what we value the most in how we decide what collectibles we’d like to own in relation to our favorite show. Kudos Build-A-Bear!

You can take the survey HERE:

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