Episode #003: Big Mac Speaks! MLP Voice Actor Peter New On Brony Talk Podcast


SPECIAL GUEST:  MLP Voice Actor, Peter New (Voice of Big Mac, Dr. Whooves, ect.)

A Little About Brony Talk with Sarah and Tyler:

What happens when you take two bronies who have never met each other and give them their very own My Little Pony-themed podcast? You get Brony Talk with Sarah and Tyler, a weekly My Little Pony fan podcast exclusive to Brony.com dedicated to the My Little Pony and Brony universe. Each week Sarah and Tyler talk about the latest episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, MLP Conventions, MLP Merch, MLP Fan Art, MLP Fan music as well as interview their fellow bronies and those behind the making of the show itself.

Episode 003: This week on Brony Talk with Sarah and Tyler, Sarah talks with voice actor from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and The Littlest Pet Shop, Peter New. As the voice of Big Mackintosh, Dr. Whooves and a whole slew of other characters from the MLP Universe, Peter has been voicing characters for MLP: FIM for the last nine years. Hailing from Canada, Peter is also a writer who has won awards for his work.   Sarah also announces the winner of last week’s Brony.com Facebook page Caption Contest.

Listen Here To Episode #003:

Check out Peter New’s website here.

Follow Peter New on Twitter here.

Check out Peter New’s Twitter page for his latest project, Con Of The Dead here.


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